How to Turn on Microphone in Call of Duty Mobile

How to turn on microphone in Call Of Duty Mobile can be tricky to figure out. However, it is possible. Follow these steps to make voice chat work in the game. To enable the microphone on your mobile, first go to the Settings option in the game’s menu. Next, find the Audio section. Then, choose the Master Volume. Scroll down to the Voice Chat settings. Then, select the Microphone option and select Custom Layout.

Then, select the option titled “Mic Mode”. This feature lets you switch between first-person and third-person perspective cameras. You can toggle between the first and third-person camera views. Similarly to PUBG Mobile, this feature also allows you to use the speaker and mic to communicate with other players. To use the microphone, tap the microphone button and confirm its position. The interface will change slightly on different devices, but it is similar in each.

Activate or disable the microphone. Just like the microphone, this feature will enable you to talk to other players in the game. To enable the microphone, first make sure that it is switched on. Then, press the “Mic” button. This feature will work on both iPhone and Android. The interface details may vary between devices. After that, you should tap the “Mic” button to toggle between the first-person and third-person perspective.

You can also disable the microphone on your Call of Duty Mobile device. This feature is very similar to the one used for activating it. Simply go to the settings menu and tap the “Mic Off” button. This will turn off the microphone. To mute the microphone, you have to confirm that it is turned on. To mute the microphone, you must tap the “Mic Off” button. Various devices have different interfaces, so make sure you have the proper setting on your device.

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The microphone is one of the most important features of any game. It allows players to communicate with other players and coordinate strategies in the game. In Call Of Duty Mobile, the microphone is an essential feature, and you need to enable it in order to play this game with other players. The button will be located on your smartphone’s speaker. This will turn on the microphone. You can then use the mic on the PC to talk to your friends.

In Call Of Duty Mobile, you can also use the microphone to coordinate with other players. This feature will enable you to hear the voices of other players and coordinate your strategies in the game. If you have a PC, you can even connect it to the game via the microphone. There are two different options for this feature. To turn on the microphone, first make sure that you have access to the device’s volume.

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